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Carradice Family Farmhouse c.1860 Milton, Ontario being rolled onto new foundation
Menkes sales office relocated on Dundas St. Oakville, traveled through subdivision to avoid overhead wires.
1880’s farmhouse relocated on site, Steeles Ave, Markham.

Two storey brick veneer, Brooklin, Ontario moved 3 blocks to accommodate service station expansion
30’x 60’ sales office moved 20 miles from Richmond Hill to Brampton. Third move for this building. Original Mount Sinai Hospital façade in place on Yorkville Ave, Toronto.  Steel being removed and going home at the conclusion of a 5 year project

1870’s cottage and machinery shed moved in Cobourg for the Cobourg Museum Foundation
1890’s 2 storey brick veneer moved on site, Little Britain, Ontario.

Post Inn, Ajax, Ontario c.1812 stagecoach stop 36’x 69’ 450 ton triple brick, relocated on site for new road

James Cooper Mansion , Toronto, Ontario c.1882, a 950 ton beauty, our signature move to date
Don Station, Toronto c.1916, moved from St Lawrence St to Todmorton Mills in 1969.  Relocated by the McCullochs Dec ’08 to the Roundhouse at the Convention Centre.

Don Station, Toronto c.1916, Turret roof being lifted in preparation of move.

Don Station, Toronto c.1916, Building being reassembled at new location
28’x 59’ brick veneer nearing its new location at Fennela, Ontario brought from Oshawa, a distance of 60 miles.